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Trainings are conducted by seasoned network security professionals with over 10 years of networking industry experience.

In addition to the adequate theory coverage, trainings are focused on learning based on real life situation
Unlike most other training programs available today, there is significant focus on troubleshooting methods and techniques

Trainers are accessible for any related query for next two months from the day of the training

Symantec will be transitioning to the Symantec Technical Specialist (STS) Accreditation program in FY18 / 2017. The new accreditation program will include several benefits for our test takers, including online delivery with remote proctoring and digital credentials.

Moving to this new accreditation model with online exams will allow quicker releases of accreditations and eliminate the need to attend testing centers; removing critical obstacles for our test takers. We’ll also recognize your knowledge gained along the learning journey with badges & digital credentials that will result in greater visibility for customers and partners that publish their credentials online.

Digital credentials will be earned by passing an STS Accreditation exam. Instead of receiving a PDF certificate, you will instead receive a digital, shareable, and verified credential that you can post across various social media platforms. The digital credential is also clickable and viewable to customers, managers and potential employers so that others can view and verify your credential details.Symantec online proctored STS exams are currently estimated to release in our new Learning Management System (LMS) in FY18 / 2017. SCS Certification exams will remain available at Pearson testing centers and Blue Coat Administrator exams will remain available at Prometric testing centers until then.Networking security classes-TMB learning

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Networking security classes-TMB learning-Networking security classes-TMB learning

The Future of Symantec Technical Specialist (UTP) Accreditations

The Future of Symantec Technical Specialist (STS) Accreditations

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Networking security classes-usp marketing-usps services-usp advertising

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