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Wireshark TIP

Q. How to determine if a firewall/network security device is disconnecting a TCP connection using RST packet?

RST packets can be used by TCP end points to abort a TCP connection. Many network security devices can also send RST packets with spoofed IP address to terminate a suspecious TCP connection.
As a network security engineer it is very important to be able to determine quickly and accurately if a specific TCP RST packet was send by an end point or a networking device in the transit.
TTL values in IP headers can resque network engineers in determining fairly accurately if RST packets are originated from the TCP end point or a networking device. Examine RST packets in wireshark and check for the TTL value in the packet. Compare this TTL value with TTL value of the other packets from the same source IP address in the capture. If TTL value in the RST packet is different than the TTL value in other packets from the same source, it is likely that RST packet was not originated from the same source. It may be a case of a network recurity device or malicious user sending RST packet to drop an existing TCP connection.


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An iRules script gives direct control over the TMOS™ Universal Inspection Engine, so you can augment or override the functions built into an F5 device. Using iRules, network professionals have been able to:

Deter newly discovered security threats
Halt phishing attacks
Stop spam e-mail
Route traffic to specific servers, based on packet content

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