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SKYBOX- Vulnerability MGMT.

SKYBOX- Vulnerability MGMT.

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Skybox Technical Security Professional

This course provides hands-on overview of the Skybox Security Suite with a focus on our vulnerability management capabilities as well as compliance monitoring capabilities. Skybox helps you understand the impact of new and existing vulnerabilities based on the context of your own network, and helps you focus remediation efforts on the most critical vulnerabilities that are exposed in your environment. Skybox also provides firewall auditing, compliance monitoring, and change management capabilities. We’ll show you how the platform helps your organization with gain and maintain compliance requirements for PCI DSS, SANS Critical Security Controls, NIST, and more.

2 Days

Strong Understanding of Security Concepts
Working experience in Network Security Domain

Course Summary:
Understanding Skybox Security Architecture
Installation of Skybox Security Suite
Skybox Firewall Assurance: Optimization and Clean Up
Skybox Firewall Assurance: Policy Compliance
Skybox Change Management
Skybox Network Assurance: Visibility and Intelligence
Vulnerability Control: Attack Simulation
Vulnerability Control: Actionable Remediation
Vulnerability Control: Context Aware Prioritization Demo
Vulnerability Control: Dashboards
Vulnerability Control: Vulnerability Detector


With Skybox we have complete network visibility, including automatic analysis of access as well as change management. We are moving from an analytical model of manual changes to an automatic model allowing us to reduce risk and operating costs. Security is no longer seen as a cost center but as a profit center.”

skybox-Technical Security Professional

Our Approach

An Integrated Platform for Security in Context

Skybox empowers security managers to automatically turn vast amounts of data into contextual, actionable intelligence, and to establish a mature enterprise security management program. By combining powerful security analytics software with data integration, network modeling, automation and vulnerability and threat intelligence, Skybox gives you immediate insight to your biggest risks and how to deal with them.

With an integrated security platform, use “big picture” visibility to make fast, informed decisions to keep your organization secure, compliant and running smoothly now and into the future.

SKYBOX-Technical Security Professional-sky box connections-skybox sheffield-sky box connections

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SKYBOX-Technical Security Professional-sky box connections-skybox sheffield-sky box connections

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