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What is SDN & NFV?

Software-defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are
emerging technologies in networking with a new approach to designing, building and
managing networks.

Open Networking Foundation (ONF) defines SDN as: The physical separation of the
network control plane from the forwarding plane, and where a control plane controls
several devices.

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is built on Cloud Computing concepts. NFV
a network architecture concept used to virtualize entire classes of network
node functions. These network functions become the building blocks of the modern
virtualized network

Why SDN NFV Training?
Globally all Telecom companies are aggressively deploying SDN/NFV technologies to
enhance customer experience, offer innovative services, and as well to reduce Opex
Spend, all this is to improve ARPU and customer enhance experience.
It is the right time to upgrade onces skills not only to get recogonized and well paid
but to be updated with the current technology trends.
What does this Course Cover?
This course describes the basic concepts of SDN, NFV, Cloud computing and how
these concepts are interrelated in the modern network architecture. In addition, the
course discusses the various standards like Open Daylight, Open Network Operating
System (ONOS), OpenFlow, OPNFV, OpenStack etc. This course also provides handson
experience on creating OpenFlow switches & controlling them using centralized
controller using MiniNet.

Prepare for globally recognized Certification!
This course is OCSA (ONF Certified SDN Associate) certification oriented and enables
the participants to take the OCSA certification.

TOC of SDN NFV Training
• Key concepts of SDN
• Describe the SDN architecture and key functions
• Describe SDN standards like OpenFlow, Open Daylight, OpenStack
• Describe Northbound Interfaces such as REST and Southbound Interfaces such
as OpenFlow and Netconf
• Review the architecture and development of the OpenFlow standards
• Key concepts of Cloud Computing
• Discuss on various Cloud Computing Platforms such as OpenStack
• Describe the problems of SDN management and security
• Describe the key concepts of Network Virtualization and NFV
• Understand how to manage NFV
• Discuss the current status of development of SDN and NFV technologies
• Hands-on lab on creating OpenFlow switches & controlling them using
centralized controller
• OCSA Certification (only if opted)

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