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PaloAlto Firewall

PaloAlto Firewall

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Palo alto Training

Firewall Installation, Configuration, and Management

Essentials 1 (PAN201)
Essentials 2 (PAN205)

Palo Alto Essentials 1 ( PAN201 ) Training
Students attending this introductory-level class will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to install, configure, and manage their firewall, as well as configuration steps for the security, networking, threat prevention, logging, and reporting features of the Palo Alto Networks Operating System.Palo Alto Networks,Palo Alto Training

Palo Alto Essentials 2 ( PAN205 ) Training
Successful completion of this two-day, instructor-led course will enhance the student’s understanding of how to install, configure, manage, and perform basic troubleshooting on the entire line of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewalls.

In 2009, the company released a publication defining the “next-generation firewall.” Palo Alto Networks defined this next generation firewall as containing application awareness, full stack visibility, extra-firewall intelligence, and upgrade paths in addition to the full capabilities of both traditional firewalls an. Additionally, the company defines its fiwall technology by the following abilities:

  1. Identify applications regardless of port, protocol, evasive tactic or
  2. Identify and control users regardless of IP address, location or device
  3. Protect against known and unknown application-borne threats
  4. Fine-grained visibility and policy control over application access/functionality
  5. Multi-, low latency, in-line deployment

The company is listed in the “leaders quadrant” of research firm .‘s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise firewalls.


In 2013 MSM – Mobile Security manager was added to extend the firewall security down to mobile devices. In 2014 TRAPS was added to the product list. Traps serves as a version on endpoint protection, client protection without the standard virus file – rather it takes a different view and attempts to monitor, detect, and thwart the entry of the virus into the client by monitoring common entry points.


  • Morta Security was acquired for an undisclosed sum in January 2014
  • Cyvera was acquired for approximately $200 million in April 2014
  • CirroSecure was acquired for an undisclosed sum in May 2015
  • LightCyber was acquired for approximately $100 million in March 2017 Palo Alto Networks,Palo Alto Training

Palo Alto Networks|Palo Alto Training|next generation firewall|pan firewall|

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Palo Alto Networks|Palo Alto Training|next generation firewall|pan firewall|

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PALO ALTO Networks

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