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FireEye Threat Prevention Power Workshop

Duration: 3 Days
Who should attend:

Security practitioners, network security administrators, IT administrators and technical professionals.

Students must have familiarity with security issues & technologies and networking & computer concepts. Experience with security technologies is recommended.

Course Content
FireEye Threat Prevention Power Workshop (FETP) is a comprehensive course covering the different FireEye Threat Prevention platforms as well the analysis of the different alerts.This course provides instruction on the deployment, installation, configuration, and administration of NX, EX, FX & AX appliances. With the NX, the participant will also learn about incident analysis and analyzing both MVX and IPS events. You will become familiar with the AX Web UI tabs, CLI commands and their functions, and you will learn how to submit malware for Sandbox and Live mode analysis.The course covers FireEye Platform alerts and a framework on how to interpret callbacks and malware binary analysis results. The course also provides installation, configuration & administration of CM, which is applicable when appliances are managed by a Central Management system. In a Lab environment, you will be presented with alert scenarios for which you will analyze the alert data to determine the significance of the alerts.

Course Outline
The course contains the following modules:

FireEye Core Technology
Appliance Administration
Web Security NX Series
IPS for NX
Email Security EX Series
Content Security FX Series
Forensic Analysis AX Series
Central Management CM Series
Web Infections
Malware Objects
OS Change Details
Further information

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FireEye training|FireEye course|FireEye certification|fire eye flame monitor|

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FireEye training|FireEye course|FireEye certification|fire eye flame monitor|

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